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Who is watching your house while you're away?
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Is Your Cat Home Alone? Our Cat Sitting Service Can Help!
Express House Sitting
    A quick 15 minute check by a trained House Sitter.
       One Express visit per day available from 10am-4pm and includes:
  • Check Heating System & Fuel
17.99 per visit
Deluxe House Sitting
    A 30 minute visit by a trained House Sitter.
       Up to three visits per day available which include:
  • Bring in Mail & Newspapers
  • Turn Lights On/Off
  • Change Blinds/Drapes
22.99 per visit
  • Cats Crave Human Contact
  • Contrary to what Cats want you to believe
....they really can't run the        house without you!
When you need to be away from home, the best protection is to make it appear you are still there! That is the benefit of our House Sitter Service. We take in your mail, change the blinds, turn lights on & off even put the flag up and down...all to make sure that the wrong people don't know you aren't there. We also water the plants to keep everything looking alive! We offer up to two house sitter visits per day. You can mix and match between Deluxe and Express House Sitter service to suit your particular needs.
  • Watering Plants
  • Careful inspection of the property for anything unusual
  • Check your property for anything unusual
  • Bring in Mail & Newspapers
  • Turn Lights On/Off
  • Change Blinds/Drapes
  • Make Sure the  Heating System is Working
Our low house sitting rates will help keep the wolves away from the door!
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Another reason to hire Pet Assist? Insurance!
To ensure your house sitter has access to your house to care for your property, we recommend you maintain a lock box with two sets of door keys on the outside of your home. The box may be attached to your door, or railing, or another location easily accessible by your cat sitter. It must have a combination lock.  Lock boxes are available from Pet Assist for a $35 deposit (refundable up to one year).

If you prefer not to use a lock box, you may provide us with two sets of keys; one for the house sitter and one to keep on file at the office in case of emergency.

Please provide two sets of keys. A backup set is necessary in case a key should break or your house sitter accidentally locks themselves out of your house. Should this occur and you have not provided Pet Assist with backup keys, we will call a locksmith. There will be a minimum $125 fee for this service. In addition you will be charged for the time the Pet Assist house sitter has to remain at your home waiting for the locksmith. This fee is subject to increase on holidays and weekends. Please test all keys; making sure they work.

Please have keys ready at the Get Acquainted Visit. There will be a $20 fee if another trip to pick-up keys becomes necessary. Pet Assist can have duplicate keys made for $10 per key.
To keep the cost of house sitting services down, Pet Assist does not maintain an accounts receivable department. Please pay for your house sitting service when registering. We can email a link for secure online payment (MasterCard, Visa and Discover accepted). Payment may also be made by check or money order and mailed directly to the main office. Make checks payable to "Pet Assist, Inc" and mail to 63 Moose Hill Parkway, Sharon, MA 02067. When payment is received house sitting reservations will be confirmed.
Should unforeseen circumstances arise: heating system failure, power outage, etc., you, as our client, understand that Pet Assist Inc. is acting in your interest to the best of our ability. You will be responsible for any fees that result from unforeseen circumstances.

This Agreement is subject to force majeure, including without limitation, accidents, acts of God, illness, storm, weather conditions, orders or acts of military or civil authority, national emergencies, insurrections, riots, wars, or other delays beyond the reasonable control of Pet Assist Inc.  Neither Pet Assist Inc. nor the house sitter shall  be held responsible for reasonable delays caused by such events, but shall use reasonable efforts under the circumstances to avoid or remove such causes of non-performance.
We, at Pet Assist, are dedicated to our clients and offer house sitting services every day of the year including these company recognized holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. There is a $10 per visit surcharge for house sits on these days.

Reservations that include any of these holidays or the week preceding and/or following the holiday should be made a minimum of two weeks prior to the holiday. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold these reservations. Holiday reservations are limited and are available on a first pay - first serve basis.

If our schedule allows us to accept a late reservation that falls on a recognized company holiday (see list above) that reservation will incur a $50 late registration fee.

Reservations Near Holidays
All house sitting reservations and changes must be made through the main office. You may contact the main office through this web site, or by emailing, or calling 781-806-5722. Pet Assist will respond to your message within 24hrs. We are not responsible for any house sitting service requests or changes that are not communicated directly with the main office. Please make reservations at least two business days prior to the day you want your service to begin. Reservations accepted with less notice will incur a $25 rush fee. Do not assume you have a reservation until you receive a confirmation.
Get Acquainted Visit
If you are a new Pet Assist client, we will schedule a FREE Get Acquainted Visit prior to your first house sitting service. This will allow you to meet us and allow us to get acquainted with you and your home. These visits are up to 45 minutes long.  If additional time is required, it will be billable at $8 per quarter hour. Additional visits are charged at the regular rate. During this meeting your particular needs will be carefully noted. A copy will remain on file at the main office for future reference. Please contact the main office to regularly update your profile with changes in your home care requirements. If you would like a lock box one will be provided at this time for a $35 deposit or you may provide us with two sets of keys.
Unforeseen Circumstances
Payment & Reservation Confirmation
Inclement Weather
For the safety of our house sitters service may be canceled in the event of inclement weather. You will be notified in the event this becomes necessary. We will make every effort to get to your home as soon as it becomes safe to drive. You will not be charged for visits which are canceled due to inclement weather.

In the winter months please make sure your walkways are clear of snow and are sanded so your house sitter can safely get to your home. If you are going to be away make certain someone will plow, shovel, and sand as needed.
Our Guarantee
Pet Assist guarantees to provide quality, loving care for your home. Each Pet Assist employee has gone through a rigorous screening process. Each employee has passed a background check conducted by an independent firm. Every team member has been through specialized training. 

Pet Assist guarantees a qualified Home Care Specialist will care for your house. While endeavoring to continually send the same team member, under extenuating circumstances another specialist may be sent. We guarantee each Home Care Specialist caring for your home will be thoroughly qualified. The specialist will be briefed regarding your home's care, based upon the profile maintained in the main office.

If you are in any way dissatisfied with our service let us know. We want to make it right!

Cancellation Policy
Any non-holiday house sitting service may be canceled with at least 24 hours notice and a full credit will be applied to your next invoice. If we have not received a 24 hour cancellation notice the service will be charged in full.

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